spor / Series of ceramic cups


Designer:        Kristine Sørensen
Duration:         Ongoing
Where:            Oslo og Akershus
Software:        Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhinoceros

SPOR is a series of cups, made in earthenware, where the bottom is shaped like animal tracks of different animals.

-     The user can select the cup of the animal that they feel represents them and their personality, and get a personal relationship with the product.
-     Different colors makes it easy to remember who has which cup.
-     Subtle elements and surprises along the way.
-     Positive experiences can increase the user connection to the product.



Showing the cups at exhibitions and Fairs. 

  •  Designer Saturday Best Talent awards 2015
  • Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016

- Selling products by personal network, webpage and markets